Statement on the Passing of the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill

24th April 2024

Our Statement

The passing of the Rwanda Bill significantly erodes access to refugee rights and protection in the UK. This law affects people, including children who have been forced to flee their homes because of war, trafficking and persecution.

No evidence indicates that deportation to Rwanda will act as a deterrent. The Government's decision to deny refugees protection is deeply concerning, worsening the suffering of people who have no other alternative but to risk their lives to reach safety. Refugees must not be exploited as political tools or scapegoats for societal problems. 

The real risk of deportation to an unsafe country, as highlighted by the Supreme Court, is distressing and unjust.

The Issue

The fear, worry and confusion now facing thousands of individuals in desperate situations is unimaginable. Deportation to an unsafe country fundamentally misunderstands the limited options available to those seeking protection. The desperation induced by this law will inevitably force them into the hands of traffickers.  

We believe safeguarding the human rights of refugees is paramount. Rather than enacting this appalling law, the Government should focus on establishing safe routes with a compassionate asylum system. We believe in treating those who have experienced conflict, persecution, and trafficking fairly and with dignity. They must be supported in their recovery from trauma, rather than being subjected to further suffering. 

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