Fundraising for Baca

Join us in creating brighter futures

At Baca, we’re inspired by the courage and resilience of child refugees. Join us in making a difference alongside these remarkable young people.

From the moment we opened our first Baca house, we’ve been humbled by the incredible support from friends, acquaintances and strangers who’ve united to support our young people. When you fundraise for Baca, you welcome child refugees and stand by their side as they grow to become thriving members of the community. As a small charity, we depend on your support.

Be their champion

Whether you're up for a marathon, craft sale or yoga class, when you raise funds for Baca, you become a champion for young refugees. When you decide to fundraise, our team are on-hand to help you maximise your impact.

We address the frightening challenges child refugees face; from their dangerous journeys to their stay in unsuitable accommodation and the complex asylum process. We believe that whatever their circumstances each young person should have a safe place to heal and the freedom to build a better future. We hope you do too. 

Together we have the power to revive hope

How you can make a difference 

  1. Choose your event: Pick a personal challenge, gather friends, or sell items you no longer need. Check out live events you can join here.

  1. Create a fundraising page: Email us at to let us know you're fundraising for us and we’ll help you set up a fundraising page. We're excited to work with you! 

  1. Spread the word: Harness the power of social media, emails, and conversations to inform everyone you know about your fundraiser. Encourage them to sponsor you or join your event. 

  1. Make it happen: Once your plans are in place, enjoy the journey and experience the joy of making a real impact on young refugees' lives. 


Other Giving Options: 

  • Send a cheque (payable to The Baca Charity) 

  • Contact us for our bank details 

  • Make a one-off payment online

  • Set up regular giving  

Please let us know your preference, and we will ensure your contribution goes directly toward helping young refugees. 

Join us today

Small charities like Baca have faced unique challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the rising cost of living and local authority cuts. Your contribution matters. Together, we can transform lives, provide safety, and offer young refugees the opportunity to build brighter futures. Join us in creating lasting change - start your fundraiser for Baca today.