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Our dedicated teams work together to reduce the risks of trauma, depression, and shame, providing safe housing, education, training, legal and medical guidance, and vital social and emotional support. We’re here to provide child refugees with the best opportunities to heal and thrive.

Our Team

Meet the Rebuild Team: Support, Education and Therapy. Our Support Team assist our young people every day, offering guidance through their unique challenges. They offer long-term support through our Care Leavers program, paving the way for our young people’s careers and further training.  

Our Education Team is composed of qualified ESOL teachers, specialising in teaching English, maths, and ICT to new arrivals, laying the foundations for mainstream education. Our in-house therapy services allow everyone who has experienced high levels of trauma and exploitation to receive specialist emotional support. 

Our Operations and Premises teams ensure that our houses are specialised safe and nurturing homes for our young people. 

The Fundraising and Finance Teams manage financial stability and resource availability, allowing us to learn constantly and excel in the services we provide in all our locations. Our dedicated volunteers, carefully screened and trained are vital in supporting all areas of our work. 

Together, we empower young refugees through support, education, and therapeutic care, fostering hope for a brighter future. To join our mission, click here.

Our Trustees

Mark Vyner

Mark Vyner has extensive senior leadership experience in accountancy and the charity sector. He has been a partner at an international accounting firm, served as the CEO of a regional charity, and currently manages UK government-funded contracts across Africa for Christian Aid.

Louise Jarvis

Louise Jarvis, originally a qualified teacher, has over 15 years of experience in the charity sector, providing advice and support to various organisations in the UK and overseas, bringing strong systems and operational understanding and skills. She served as the CEO of Baca and later joined its board in 2020.

Lucy Connell

Lucy Connell is the Head of Fundraising at Methodist Homes (MHA), the UK’s largest charity provider of social care, with 14 years of experience at Christian Aid, where she inspired supporters to fight poverty through fundraising and campaigns and now leads various fundraising approaches.

Dr. Andy Brackett

Dr. Andy Brackett is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, specialising in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), with a passion for helping young people realise their strengths and promoting trauma-informed services.

Sarah Short

Sarah Short, a chartered HR Manager with a decade of experience in assisting asylum seekers, refugees, and victims of modern slavery, influenced government policy regionally. As Lead Officer for the East Midlands and South West Strategic Migration Partnerships, she led the National Transfer Scheme rollout in these regions.

Jamie Fyleman

Jamie Fyleman works within the charity sector, overseeing fundraising and communications for a leading anti-human trafficking charity. A former BBC journalist, Jamie has had a passion for those seeking refuge since producing a documentary on the issue - which led him to connect with young refugees.

Paul Clark

Paul Clark believes in the importance of meaningful work for mental health and societal benefit. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, he has dedicated his career to renewable energy, currently serving as the Managing Director of Myriad Heat and Power Products Ltd in the UK's renewable energy industry.

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It's been lovely working with you all at Baca - I love how you put the young people at the centre of everything you do.

Virtual School Post-16 Teacher