Mazar’s story

Mazar joined Baca three years ago and has now moved on. He recently returned to Baca College to share his experience with the new arrivals studying there now. 

Mazar told the learners, that ‘Baca is a good story for me.’ He shared his advice and spoke passionately about how good and important Baca College is and how valuable the skills he learned there are to his daily life. Not only did he emphasise that ‘the better you speak English, the better job you can have’ but also shared the need to learn English in order to integrate in the community, understand the new culture and communicate with others. 

One of our current learners Latif asked ‘How did it feel to leave Baca?’ and Mazar responded ‘I’m always wondering about the young people, trying to find out if anyone new has arrived. I am still visiting Baca. I have learnt new things outside Baca but I still need help sometimes. You’ll miss Baca and still want to come back. 

Keeping our classrooms open is vital for our young people’s education, wellbeing and futures. Help us to inspire more young people like Mazar to learn and thrive.

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