Isaiah’s Class Assistants Story

Isaiah arrived at a Baca home a few years ago having fled his home country, Ethiopia. Since then, he has made incredible academic progress, passing his GCSE Maths and English at grade 4 and 5 respectively. On top of that, he is also giving something back to support fellow young people at Baca.

While studying for his GCSEs at a local college, Isaiah wanted to help the younger people at Baca College. Our specialist college is tailored to the needs of young people newly arrived in the UK to build their knowledge and skills in a safe educational environment. To help Baca College students achieve better grades Isaiah came up with the idea of being a Class Assistant. He wanted to help other young people by explaining maths, English and ICT in their native language. 

Encouraging creativity and innovation is a key part of Baca College, so teacher Miss Price was inspired by Isaiah’s idea and asked him if he wanted to test it out by coming to support lessons once a week. Isaiah invited another one of the older boys who he thought would also love to help out, and so the two of them became the very first Baca College Class Assistants. 

The idea has been an immense success. Miss Price said “together they have been a real asset and very professional in their approach.” 

Isaiah’s work one-to-one with Baca College students has made such a positive difference, especially for Fatima who had found maths concepts challenging to understand in English but now, with Isaiah’s help, she is much more confident in her abilities. 

Isaiah is working towards GCSE ICT and Business exams at the end of the year and looking into IT A-Level courses that can help him reach his goal of going to university to study IT or business. 

He also continues to be passionate about helping other people. With his newfound confidence in his translation skills, he has applied to become a volunteer interpreter for Care4Calais so he can help other people seeking sanctuary in the UK to navigate life in this country. 

Isaiah says the safe environment and community Baca provides has encouraged him to help others in the Baca family achieve their educational goals. This has fostered his sense of responsibility, independence, creativity and drive to help him rebuild his future. 

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