How it works

Religious Community

Our commitment to the well-being of our young people encompasses their spiritual and religious needs. We understand the importance of faith in their lives, and we support them to ensure they have the necessary resources and connections to practice their religion comfortably.  

Days 1-2

Focus: Ascertain religious preferences 

Upon the young person’s arrival, our priority is to understand their religious preferences and the extent to which they wish to practice their faith. This involves recording their religion and understanding their level of commitment to it.  

The young person is shown the location of the relevant place of worship and introduced to other Baca young people practicing the same religion.  

Weeks 1-2

Focus: Provision of religious materials 

In the first two weeks support staff continue to assess the young person's religious beliefs and, if requested, provide them with essential religious items such as prayer mats, copies of their respective holy books (e.g. Quran, Bible), and any other necessary religious materials. 

Months 1-4

Focus: Connection with place of worship  

The young person is connected with the local place of worship that aligns with their religious affiliation. This introduction is carried out in accordance with their individual risk assessment. It can involve a support worker or another young person in our care accompanying them to the location, depending on their familiarity with the chosen place of worship. Our goal is to facilitate their integration into their chosen faith community in a safe, supportive and culturally sensitive manner.