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BACA students are from many countries and cultures who are wonderful unique individuals with friendly, generous and warm attributes. Each are keen to learn, connect and improve their circumstances with some help and guidance from BACA.
I have been privileged to share their company, be inspired by their confidence as they step into the unknown, striving to be the best they can. Each donation will support the students with opportunities that will have a big impact in improving their lives and help them forge career opportunities in this next chapter of their own unique journey.
Please be as generous as you can, as every donation, big or small will make a huge difference in helping each student .

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Based at the Carsington Water reservoir in Derbyshire, the race follows an undulating route on trail paths. The half marathon starts off with an out and back before you’ll complete one full loop of the gorgeous reservoir. The 10k is an almost full loop of the reservoir. This local race will display fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.